Scenes from…Porches, Eskimeaux & Brittle Brian

Porches w/ Eskimeaux & Brittle Brian

afterhours @ Northeastern University // February, 11th

Last Thursday our good homies and office mates, Green Line Records, hosted a show at the always disappointing & anger inducing, awkward safe haven known as Northeastern University’s afterhours. However, Green Line had a 3 part trick up their sleeve in order to doop the NU student body (and their plus ones) to endure yet another Starbucks…I mean…afterhours performance. Their boosting one of their strongest line-ups, which included the likes of NYC’s Porches, the joyfully sad stories of Eskimeaux, and the fragile song poet, Brittle Brain.

Incased you missed it, Ben Stas’ camera didn’t. Here are your scenes……

|| Porches ||


porches-6 porches-8

|| Eskimeaux ||



|| Brittle Brian ||


Adam Kenny // Music Director & Ben Stas // Photo

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