David Bazan – Living Room Tour (Random Living Room in Allston) 11/15

David Bazan – Living Room Tour (Random Living Room in Allston) 11/15 By Evan Frye David Bazan is a bit of a live performance innovator. Deciding that touring in traditional venues, with all the costs associated with that such as paying the band, van to travel, etc., Bazan asks for hosts to hold small acoustic […]



Album Review: Caracal by Disclosure

For Dance acts like disclosure, the sophomore album is a unique hurdle. After Settle, an album whose runaway success saw the UK-based duo crossing over into mainstream circulation, Disclosure has the unenviable position of making another dent in the pop charts, and proving to skeptical dance music fans that their back-ward looking style isn’t a […]

Album Review: The Reach by Boogie

    From Compton to Long Beach, he is affectionately known as Boogie. The Reach, is his second mixtape which capped off a two year rise in which he established a prominent name in West Coast rap scene and his recognizably high voice matching the likes of Chance the Rapper or Alex Wiley. He wastes […]



Album Review: GO:OD AM by Mac Miller

  “I need to wake up, before one morning I don’t wake up”. Mac Miller was indeed in a dark place the past few years, battling addiction and depression. His past couple projects have all had worrying underlying tones that touched on those subjects. His 2013 album “Watching Movies With the Sound Off” was what […]

Show Review: Oberhofer @ The Great Scott // Oct. 5th

With an hour before midnight, Brooklyn based Oberhofer took to the dimly lit stage in front of the eager, tightly cramped crowd which we’ve come to expect from shows at the Great Scott. Donning a shirt with various safari prints and a leather jacket, Brad Oberhofer, lead singer, said nothing as a first chord rang […]



An Evening With Dawes @ The Royale 9/22

Show Review: An Evening with Dawes The Royale 9/22 By: Evan Frye Many bands try for that “classic rock” feel. That instrumentation, the vocal style, the lyrics. But many of these bands come across as a cheap imitation of the golden age of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Dawes is not one of these imitators or imposters. […]

Dustin Kensrue and Andy Hull @ The Sinclair 4/26

Dustin Kensrue and Andy Hull – 4/26 at The Sinclair Opener Tanner Merritt of O’brother put it perfectly when he said, “Welcome to Sad Bastards Anonymous.” He was referring to two giants in the world of sad-guy alternative rock, Andy Hull and Dustin Kensrue, who played at The Sinclair on Sunday 4/26. Tanner Merritt opened […]




OH, MALÔ RELEASES “OUT ON MY OWN” MUSIC VIDEO Just last week, local rockers, Oh, Malô released their latest music video for “Out On My Own,” featuring the band’s Jordan Lagana’s dissent from his historical beard age. The video, created by Fitz Ross Productions, highlights a whimsical take on an emotional topic, featuring the group’s second song […]

Show Review: Diarrhea Planet @ Great Scott, 4/3

In many ways, Diarrhea Planet are an exercise in contradictions – a flawless combination of elements that, by all accounts, should not successfully coexist. Their eardrum-busting performance on April 3 at Boston’s Great Scott was no exception. Start, for example, with attempt to place them in a genre. They’re a five-guitar attack, a solid wall […]



Show Review: Screaming Females @ Great Scott, 2/26

Screaming Females are as skilled a live band as they are difficult to classify. While the new record Rose Window is perhaps their best effort to date, or at the very least a remarkable one, the entire set at Allston’s Great Scott on February 26th was almost startlingly cohesive. Among the sparse on-stage banter, lead […]