Xiu Xiu brings sonic brutality to the table on ‘Girl with Basket of Fruit’

    Xiu Xiu Girl with Basket of Fruit Polyvinyl Records · February 8, 2019 17 years after their inception, Xiu Xiu proves they haven’t lost interest in pushing the envelope on Girl with Basket of Fruit, one of the first great albums of 2019. Girl with Basket of Fruit opens with the lyrics “Take a break / […]

    Preoccupations and Protomartyr impress their fans at Brighton Music Hall

    Preoccupations featuring Protomartyr November 26, 2018 at Brighton Music Hall This was my second time seeing Protomartyr, and my third time seeing Preoccupations, so I was pretty comfortable making assumptions about what to expect from this concert– and I was also excited to see them both together at Brighton Music Hall, which is probably my favorite […]

    Speedy Ortiz show their fans love at The Sinclair

    Speedy Ortiz featuring Halfsour and Palberta November 27, 2018 at the Sinclair This was probably the most empty show I’ve ever been to at the Sinclair– something that ended up being a massive bonus to my night, actually, since I didn’t have to keep craning my neck, and I had personal space for once. It turned […]

    Drahla brings their post-punk sound to Hassle Fest

    Drahla at Boston Hassle Fest November 8, 2018 at Green Street Studio First of all: Green Street Studios is not really a concert venue. It’s actually a dance studio, complete with the mirrored walls and the black studio flooring that we weren’t allowed to wear our shoes on. While it was kind of fun to […]

    Julia Holter returns to her abstract beginnings on ‘Aviary’

    Julia Holter  Aviary Domino Records · October 26, 2018 With Aviary, Julia Holter has released the unquestionable album of the year—and even one of the albums of the decade. She has cemented her place as one of the best composers of our time. When Have You In My Wilderness was released in 2015, critics were pleased, […]

    Nai Palm enraptures fans at The Sinclair

    Nai Palm featuring Jaala October 19, 2018 at The Sinclair I arrived at The Sinclair around 10:35 pm, 5 minutes after the opener was slated to start. However, luckily for me (or unluckily), I was greeted by a line from the venue around the corner of the street and down the next block– since they […]

    Mothers impresses with a dynamic set at Great Scott

    Mothers September 19, 2018 at Great Scott Despite being pretty exhausted on the Wednesday night of this concert, I had high hopes for Mothers’ performance. My interest in seeing where Mothers would take their live shows, given the difference in their first album versus their more recent, pivotal sophomore release Render Another Ugly Method– plus […]

    Q&A with Molly Burch

    WRBB’s Caroline Smith spoke to singer-songwriter Molly Burch about her tour, new music video and sources of inspiration. Molly Burch is coming to Cambridge on Sunday, October 14. Your new video for ‘To The Boys’ came out a few days ago, and it’s stop-motion animation except for your face– which is transposed onto a paper […]

    Spiritualized releases full-length ‘And Nothing Hurt’

    Spiritualized And Nothing Hurt Fat Possum Records · September 7, 2018 Spiritualized’s newest– and potentially last– release is solid but unimaginative, a comeback album that shoots itself in the foot with its heavy-handed attempts to appear mature. The first thing I noticed upon pressing play on Spiritualized’s newest release, And Nothing Hurt, is the album cover. […]

    Interpol finds itself at a standstill with full-length ‘Marauder’

    Interpol Marauder Matador Records · August 24, 2018 Marauder is far from the most inventive or compelling Interpol album, but the consistent atmosphere created by Dave Fridmann’s production and upbeat style make way for various engaging and enjoyable moments. I’ll be honest: I really wanted to like this album. I would consider myself an Interpol super-fan to […]

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