Oberhofer @ The Great Scott // Oct. 5th


With an hour before midnight, Brooklyn based Oberhofer took to the dimly lit stage in front of the eager, tightly cramped crowd which we’ve come to expect from shows at the Great Scott. Donning a shirt with various safari prints and a leather jacket, Brad Oberhofer, lead singer, said nothing as a first chord rang out. With two other guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer, the stage was just as tightly pack as the gathering before them. As someone who was hearing Oberhofer for their first time, I was completely out of place. Everyone was bouncing and bobbing their heads, making it near impossible to take any pictures, and I felt even more isolated when I realized I was the only one not singing every word. This is not to say I didn’t enjoy myself – quite the contrary. After a few songs, I began to completely sympathize with the hype. I found myself getting wrapped up in their sound, which reminds me of the early Strokes, only rawer and with a fuzz-injected fix that follows the vein of many current indie bands. By the time they played “Memory Remains,” the first single off of their sophomore album, Chronovision, I was convinced.

Oberhofer has been getting significant buzz on a national scale, and Chronovision, released by Manhattan-based Glassnote Records on August 21st, has been written up on completely unknown sources like Stereogum, Consequence of Sound, Pitchfork, and Billboard.

By Adam Kenny

Check out the single Memory Remains & full album Chronovision


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