Coming from the studios of WRBB in collaboration with Huntington News, we bring you a brand new news program covering all the happenings at Northeastern!


Coming from the studios of WRBB in collaboration with Huntington News, we bring you a brand new news program covering all the happenings at Northeastern!

Character Voice

An actual play TTRPG Podcast available on any podcatcher! Character Voice! consists of and is entirely created by students of Northeastern University in partnership with WRBB Radio. Twitter - https://twitter.com/CharacterVoxPod Instagram - https://instagram.com/charactervoicepod TikTok - https://tiktok.com/@charactervoice Character Voice! is created and hosted by William Perrine. Twitter - https://twitter.com/bazzzul Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/will.perrine/

NU Department of Theatre: The Radio Plays

During the Golden Age of Radio, imagination ruled the air waves.  With only voices and sound effects, stories and characters came to life. The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, Sherlock Holmes and Superman were the popular characters of the day who crept into American homes each night. In each of these stylized and overly dramatic programs, the listener had to rely on their own imagination to bring all of the character to life. Director Susan Picillo saw the vibrancy of this art form and has revived it in a contemporary way in, The Radio Plays.

Screen Time

Screen Time is created by Rob Pereira and Joy Gu, two Boston college students who love digging deeper into the best TV, movies, and anime out there. If you love learning about and appreciating what screen media has to offer, then join us every week for fresh analysis.

What the SPARK

What the SPARK is brought to you by Spark, Northeastern’s student-run contemporary art collective. Through the eyes of students, take a wild ride through the world of contemporary art with stories, interviews, and good vibes along the way.

NU Department of Theatre: Deferred

Inspired by Langston Hughes poem Harlem and Lorraine Hansberry's "A Raisin in the Sun", Deferred is an episodic radio play that follows the residents and staff of 20 Sahara Drive. A community rocked by a tragic loss and deadly virus leaving their lives and dreams changed forever. What happens when your dream is deferred? How do you move forward?

The Universal Blueprint

The official podcast of the United Nations Association at Northeastern.


Brainwaves is WRBB’s flagship academic podcast, bringing listeners the latest research from around Northeastern. We believe that learning doesn’t have to just take place in the classroom – it can also happen over the airwaves!

360 Huntington

360 Huntington brings you the latest insights into the culture of Northeastern and our surrounding communities. Want to hear from the people who make our community vibrant, diverse, and interesting? Then 360 Huntington is the show for you.

Mind over Matter

Mind Over Matter is a Mental Health podcast hosted by students who are passionate about mental health awareness. We are not trained psychologists or counselors, but rather advocates for better mental health resources. Through the podcast, we aim to encourage conversation around mental health and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. Mental Health Matters, let’s talk about it.

The IRC Podcast

The IRC Podcast is Northeastern’s International Relations Council Podcast. As the Model U.N. organization on campus, podcasts will contain relevant international news and significant historical background information.

NU & Impodcast

NU & Impodcast is the comedy podcast for NU & Improv’d, Northeastern’s premiere improvisational comedy troupe that is currently the second best improv troupe in the Nation and the first best in the Northeastern region. Similar to Improv4Humans or Comedy Bang Bang, Episodes will contain a blend of improv scenes, general comedic chit chat, or interviews with guests on the show.

Black in Boston

Hosted by graduate students Terrence Johnson and Brandi Griffin. “A black woman and a black queer man from the south give our perspective on pursuing advanced degrees, moving away from home, and life in a new space. We plan to talk about a wide variety of topics and issues from what’s in the news to what’s happening in pop culture from our perspective, backed by research and fact. We plan to explore Boston and experience the city in its authenticity for its art, culture, and food as a way to build community and make a new home.


huNU is a podcast that brings you stories of the humans of Northeastern University. Our school is the home of over 400 student clubs and organizations with an undergraduate student body of over 13,000 individuals. Of all the students that you walk by on a daily basis across Centennial Commons, through Snell Library, or in your classes, who knew they had such interesting stories to tell?

NU Politics

NUPolitics is WRBB’s politics podcast – bringing you the latest global, local, and student government news alongside deep dives into the issues that students care about. From roundtable discussions to interviews with local leaders, NUPolitics is your place to get informed.