Brainwaves is WRBB’s flagship academic podcast, bringing listeners the latest research from around Northeastern. We believe that learning doesn’t have to just take place in the classroom – it can also happen over the airwaves!

The World of Film Music

Danna DeKay and Film Music Professor Jacques Dupuis discuss the importance of the leitmotif in film music scores and what makes a movie theme successful. Later, two film music students join Danna to share the magic behind their favorite film scores.

The Psychology of Cursing

Danna DeKay and Professor Ajay Satpute break down why we swear so often, as well as the emotional and psychological importance of vulgar language. <em>Content note: This episode contains explicit language. Listener discretion is advised.</em>

The Forsyth Institute

Have you ever wondered about that fancy building in between the MFA and Kerr Hall? William Perrine sits down with Dr Anne Tanner to discuss the fascinating history of the Forsyth Institute in this toothy episode.

Street Art

Piper Leopold sits down with James Hammond to discuss life, street art, and its connections to the art world.

A Chat With Matt Collette

Caleb Driesman sits down with WNYC executive producer Matt Collette to discuss the intertwined history of podcasting and radio.

Dating During COVID-19

Podcaster Piper Leopold sits down with Communications Professor Steve Granelli to talk about dating and relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Burping struggles with R-CPD

In this episode, Nick Scipione talks with a doctor about retrograde cricopharyngeus dysfunction (R-CPD), which is a medical condition that renders you unable to burp. Maybe you or a friend has had R-CPD this whole time and never known? Listen in and find out.

Bad Academic Writing

Susanna Maize interviews Communications Professor Greg Goodale on why academic articles can feel utterly incomprehensible. Answers include promotions and the flattening of the human experience.

Vexillilogy (AKA Flags)

WRBB Hosts Caleb and Jake discuss flags. Many, many flags.