NU & Impodcast

NU & Impodcast is the comedy podcast for NU & Improv’d, Northeastern’s premiere improvisational comedy troupe that is currently the second best improv troupe in the Nation and the first best in the Northeastern region. Similar to Improv4Humans or Comedy Bang Bang, Episodes will contain a blend of improv scenes, general comedic chit chat, or interviews with guests on the show.

The Improvette

The gang digs deep into the podcast realm again to find a realty TV podcast called “Love In The Sand.” The hosts are an Instagram influencer and a former IT technician with a broken nose who bring on a Reality TV star. Drama ensues… So get out your roses and shine those rings because it’s time for “Love In The Sand.”

Improv, Actually

The gang has dug deep once again and found a romantic podcast based out of San Diego called “Advice On The Rocks.” There’s tension between the hosts and love in the air! Get out those roses and pop open some bubbly because it’s time for some love advice.

Fast Crimes at Improv High

The gang has searched the bottom of the digital barrel to uncover a true gem of a podcast called “Murder Party.” It’s a true crime podcast where the two hosts from Rhode Island are not who they seem to be… So get out your earbuds and pick up that butcher knife, it’s time for Murder Party.

A “Revolutionary” Technology

In this episode of Nu & Impodcast, the gang witnesses the superhero dating scene, a STOMP-related legal dispute, and some behind-the-scenes interactions of the NPR crew.

The Crimes of Francis Scott Key

In this installment of the NU & Impodcast, the gang reenacts the dark past of Francis Scott Key, plays a round of bingo, and celebrates a young lady’s coming of age.

The Scarecrow and the Skate Park

In this premiere episode of NU & Impodcast, NU & Improv’d have some comedic chit chat as well as some improv scenes in which a scarecrow is alive, there is an extramarital affair (one in a gold mine and one in a wheat field), and some people make up at the skate park!