The Universal Blueprint

The official podcast of the United Nations Association at Northeastern.

SDG 14: A Conversation on Marine Sustainability with John Mandelman

We're back with a new episode of the UNiversal Blueprint! This month, we talked to Dr John Mandelman at the Anderson Cabot Center focusing on SDG 14: Life Below Water, the conservation and sustainable use of oceans, sea and marine resources for sustainable development. This episode was pre-recorded in March but was pushed back and we're so excited to have it launch.

SDG 10: Racial Inequality with UNA Howard University

After a long summer break, we're back with a discussion-based episode on SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities. We spoke with two members of UNA Howard University, Oona Nelson and Maggi Chambers on racial inequality in the US, the Black Lives Matter movement, and ways in which we can create and aid more sustainable change.

SDG 5: Gender Equality & Covid-19 with Jill Ashton

Today's episode with Jill Ashton is about how the pandemic has shifted the conversation on and its surrounding issues on gender equality. As the Director of the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women, Jill highlights some of the progress that they have made and also have yet to target due to the rising issues during this crisis, from domestic violence to maternity leave.

SDG 6: Taking on the Global Water Crisis with Patty Hall

In this episode, we talked with Patty Hall from the organization, H2O for Life, about the Global Water Crisis through the lens of SDG 6, clean water and sanitation. Patty Hall explained to us the importance of understanding the Global Water Crisis and how we can aid in ensuring clean water and sanitation is available to people around the world.

SDG 16: The Future of AI with Denise Garcia

Joining us this week is Professor Denise Garcia to help us understand what the goals of SDG 16 are, her work in Artificial Intelligence and the role weapons have in controlling violence, and how we can do our part to make this a more peaceful and just world. This episode is brought to you by WRBB 104.9 Podcasts

A Decade of Action with Margo Bailey

Welcome to the first episode of the UNA podcast! This episode, we will be introducing the 17 sustainable development goals created by the United Nations with guest speaker Margo Bailey from UNAGB. This episode, we dive into why these goals exist and how they aid us in building a more sustainable community as we move towards 2030.