What the SPARK

What the SPARK is brought to you by Spark, Northeastern’s student-run contemporary art collective. Through the eyes of students, take a wild ride through the world of contemporary art with stories, interviews, and good vibes along the way.

Art vs. Design

Your hosts debate the distinctions between art and design.

Art, Science and Business

Your hosts Jessica, Anna, and Sofia dive into the intersection of art, business, and science, and what avenues this opens the opportunity for.

Money Laundering & NFTs

Join your hosts Sofia, Vicky, and Amanda as they explore money laundering in the art world and share their thoughts on NFTs in our first episode of What the Spark: Season 2.

Non-Commercial Art

Hosts Alex, Marie, and Vicky explore the implications of the commercial viability of art.

Artist Talk: Alyssa Taylor Wendt

Alyssa Taylor Wendt, an Austin and Denver-based multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker and curator, joins Spark for an intimate discussion of her work and career journey.

Why do people hate contemporary art?

Alex, Emily and Rachel dive into the world of Contemporary Art, highlighting their favorite pieces and some of the controversies surrounding the art movement.

Storytime, The Gardner Heist

Hosts Nisha, Marie, and Leah take a look into the mysterious Gardner Museum Heist, where 13 works of art were stolen from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990. Will they discover the culprit??

Interview with Sophia Ainslie

Spark hosts Rachel and Alex sit down with artist and Northeastern professor Sophia Ainslie to discuss her life, artistic journey, and her advice for students and aspiring artists.


What the SPARK?????? In this episode, the spark exec board explores how we came to be, what we do, and the members who call spark home.