Lit or Nah?: “Garden” by Hinds

Hinds – Garden

Madrid-based band, Hinds, has found it somewhat difficult to truly break into the American garage rock scene. However, the enchanting accents and rough guitar riffs featured on their new single, “Garden,” represent an authoritative step in that direction.


“Garden” is the opening track off of their debut album, Leave Me Alone, and although the layers of brash vocals mimic those of previous singles such as “Between Cans” and “Trippy Gum,” this song’s bright chords interact with those vocals to create a fuller, poppier sound. There is also an apparent grunge influence that exposes a grit that they have not shown us before. Nonetheless, their sulky lyrics and vocal stylings have remained a constant since their last single dropped. The off-beat synchronization of the two lead singers, Carlotta Cosials and Ana García Perrote, has cemented itself as a pervasive element of their music, even as they explore different sounds. Hats off to Hinds on this one.

Verdict: Liiiiiiit


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