Q&A with Knox Hamilton

You say you’re influenced by indie pop rock, what got you into that scene and what is it about this genre that was so appealing to you?

I think our favorite type of music is like 70’s 80’s pop, it’s kind of what we grew up on, and that was honestly the easiest thing to do for us, that came to us natural. We don’t just like straight pop radio and we don’t just like straight rock, so it’s a good combination. We like synthesizers and cool bass and drum lines. I don’t know, I think it’s a cool rhythmic feel, but tis also very melodic, and its structured too so we’re not just like all over the place. There are  lot of answers to that question but mostly it just fits us best.


In that genre it’s common to sound the same, how hard or easy was it for you to find your own specific style within the genre?

I think it’s a combination of us not being classically trained, we’re all self taught, so we have nothing to compare our notes or anything to. I write on a really weird tuning so it’s easy to write melodies to that so that it doesn’t sound like a lot of other people. Then again we have influences too and you can definitely hear them. I think we do a pretty good job of staying original, by not trying to play other people’s music but making out roots pretty prevalent.


So this next one is more towards life on the road, what’s it like being brothers on tour together?

It’s fun and it’s also hard. Because with strangers and people who you’re not super close to, like you didn’t grow up sleeping in the same bed with with sometimes, it’s easy to kind of let stuff go, but with a brother you fight a lot more because you’re more comfortable with it. The more time you spend with someone, I mean 85 to 95 percent of the time it’s smooth sailing and it’s nice to have a little bit of home wherever you go.


What’s it like to be on tour with Coasts, who are a UK band?

They’re very more our speed, they’re real laid back. Im sure there are different people in different places who act different ways but we’re all southern, we love to have a good time. The other band we’re with is very hyper and very young and they’re real nice guys also, but it’s just a different demographic and it comes across in their music. But we get along really well with Coasts, because they’re kinda laid back and we really like that.


What is one thing you guys hope to accomplish in the next year?

We want to put out our album and start the festival back next summer with having the crowd know every song from the album. The last festival we did and the few shows we did people knew four song that were on the EP, so to know the entire set will be a real energy booster.


That leads perfectly into my next question, if you could be on the lineup of any festival in the world, what would it be?

We haven’t played Coachella and that’d be a lot of fun but the list goes on and on. We’d love to play Lolla, we’d love to play Leeds.


Did you ask Coasts about Leeds? Because they play it last year.

Yeah we’ve talked about it, also Glastonbury and there are a couple of festivals in Mexico City that some friends of ours have told us about  and that would be great. We want to hit them all.


Would you like to work with any artists in the future and which ones?

My stock answers that, f they are ever willing and able, I would love to work with Brandon Flowers, Paul McCartney, and Kanye West.


Why Kanye West?

I think he’s amazing. I think he changed hip hop two or three different times. I think that he is insane and he’s definitely very full of himself but I also think that it’s very justified, not that that’s ever justified, but if anyone is justified, it’s him. I don’t know I’ve always loved his music and I’m kind of in awe of him.


What guilty pleasure song would we find on your phone right now? 6:11

Openly loving pop, it’s very hard to have a guilty pleasure. I would have to say the Beatle, like i could pick any song out of their greatest hits or their anthology and it would be a favorite. But my favorite song of all time, and this could be a guilty pleasure I don’t know if it is or not just because it is so popular because it was on a batman soundtrack, but it’s “Kissed by a ROse” by Seal. I think it’s one of the greatest songs ever written, in my opinion.


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