Phantogram Release Full Length “Three”


Republic Records • October 7th, 2016

By: Mark (Dominic) Yamarone

“Lit-ness” Test*:


*Out of 5

Phantogram’s third album Three, is a departure from their usual drab sound. New on this album is help from a team of producers and writers working alongside the duo, Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter. Personally, I wasn’t a hardcore fan of them until the singles “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” and “You’re Mine” started gaining radio airplay over the summer, getting me extremely excited for the release of the record on October 7th. Three was well worth the wait; I haven’t stopped listening to it since. This album is far from the usual repetitive, commercial background music fodder the band had previously been producing – it makes you want to dance and sing, rather than bop your head until you fall asleep.

The first single “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” features powerful, bass heavy riffs and emotionally charged lyrics that work together perfectly to produce an aggressive, “take no shit” break-up song. It’s moody and dark, but damn catchy. If you like the newfound attitude in that track, then you’ll probably like the second single, “You’re Mine.” This track is to love songs as “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” is to break up songs. They are bold, brash, and offer no apologies. We get a little bit of Josh singing on this song, and his vocals also shine on “Barking Dog,” a slow building ballad placed perfectly in the middle of the album. These songs function as standout hits and are some of my favorites off of the album.

Three is a solid body of work, from start to end. Not every song is a banger, but there is never a moment of monotony or boredom. Where “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” and “You’re Mine” are bold dance anthems, songs like “Answer,” “Barking Dog,” and “Destroyer” are perfect for soulful sing-alongs. Rounding up the album, “Same Old Blues” and “Calling All” absolutely kick ass. This album screams break up, but not in the overplayed, “cry and eat ice cream” way. Three is the bad ass, no regrets, break up album we all need. 3.5/5.

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