New Music Mondays | 03.26.18

Yep you know the drill, it’s Monday and we’ve got you covered with all the best in new music #NMM

(Fuck A) Silver Lining‘ – Panic! At the Disco

We’ve mourned the Death of A Bachelor and now it’s time to Pray for the Wicked. ‘(Fuck A) Silver Lining’ is one of two singles released by Panic! At the Disco on Wednesday. The first of new music since their 2016 fourth studio album. Like most, if not all, of the pop punk artist of the early 2000’s Brendon Urie has followed the path and gone in a mainstream pop route for this new era. The one thing I really like about Panic! is that no two albums have been the same. DOAB was influenced by Sinatra and now ‘Silver Lining’ is a poppy earworm that will soon be edited for the radio. This may sound like I’m trashing this song but I do like it. It’s a good song to reach a wider audience and find a new kind of fame in the music industry for Urie. Now that he is the only member he can do whatever he wants which is a good way for an artist to experiment.” –Marisa Kenny

Hug of Death‘ – Giraffes? Giraffes!

If you can get past the freakish cover art and demented song/album titles, (more skin with milk-mouth, anybody?) you’ll find some delightfully manic music in the Giraffes? Giraffes! repertoire. ‘Hug of Death’, their first new music in about 3 years, is a delicious comeback anthem. It’s a breathless 7-minute ride, full of the band’s trademark math rock stylings. The drums are as obscenely over the top as ever, playing what sounds like thrash metal run through a corrupted calculator, and they are perfectly complemented by the psychedelic pyrotechnics of Joseph Andreoli’s guitar playing. The duo has a full length album, Memory Lame, coming out April 27th, and I, for one, cannot wait. ” – Craig Short

‘The Sauce & Corniche‘ – Roc Marciano feat. Action Bronson

This is my first time listening to a Roc Marciano song. I’ve previously heard him featured on Quelle Chris and Dabrye’s latest albums and referenced in the title of a Scallops Hotel song. These name drops plus the Action Bronson feature convinced me to try out Roc’s new music video which is a medley of two songs, ‘The Sauce’ and ‘Corniche,’ both from his new album. The two songs are great. The former has a very cool, dark, ominous instrumental while Roc and Action demonstrate fantastic chemistry on the latter. The music video is not a bad watch either. Rosebudd’s Revenge Part 2 (The Bitter Dose) was released last month; I just might have to go back and listen to it. – Spencer LaChance

‘California EP’ – Diplo

The EDM DJ Diplo released ‘California’ a poppy, electronic, and star studded 6 track EP on March 23, 2018. The 19-minute creation hosts the big hip-hop names of Lil Yachty, D.R.A.M., Lil Xan, and even Desiigner. The tracks compose a message of a hopeful, happy future while leaving bad vibes in the past. The EP echoes with mellow, yet uplifting melodies. The first track, ‘Worry No More (ft. Lil Yachty and Santigold)’ is the enthusiastic and happy bundle of sweet beats. D.R.A.M. fills the middle of the EP with a polished solo in ‘Look Back’ that highlights the higher range of his voice. Still, it gives the EP hearty, passionate, and intimidate content. The EP ends with ‘Get it Right (ft. MØ & Goldlink) [Remix]’- an enthralling bop. Listeners will get a similar feeling of euphoria and weightlessness, like the first drop in a rollercoaster. Motivating and captivating, this EP will have your head and feet moving the whole time.” – David Spinrad

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