Cherry Glazerr shakes Brighton Music Hall with a head-banging set

Cherry Glazerr

February 15, 2019 at Brighton Music Hall

Whether catchy, sulky, funny or outlandish, Cherry Glazerr delivered a sound inviting the audience to dance until it seemed their heads were about to fly off their necks.

The walls of Brighton Music Hall vibrated and came to life as mumbling vocals, occasional shrieks, and eccentric dancing filled the venue on Friday, February 15. Lead singer Clementine Creevy sang her songs, but the lyrics were often indecipherable as her graceful quintessential-rock-star slurred singing eloquently complemented the somehow-chill headbangers.

Photo by Sofia Bergmann for WRBB.

Each LA-based band member donned clothing characteristic of their young, high-energy and powerful sound. The stage decor was also emblematic of their quirky, unconventional identity with two massive inflatable cherries floating on stage, extraterrestrial scenes dancing upon the wall, string lights wrapping around Creevy’s mic stand, and mist pouring out from smoke machines. Whether sticking her tongue out, high-pitched screaming, swearing or singing her grungy songs, the performance never failed to entertain.

“Just take me away,” Creevy softly groaned in the chorus of the opening song “Ohio” from their new LP Stuffed and Ready. As the song continued, it was clear that Creevy was a master of her art. She sung in angelic yet moody tones while playing lead guitar, doing so with unmistakable class and ease. Throughout the concert, Cherry Glazerr stayed true to their youth-counter-culture-rocker personality, creating an infectious modern rock-chick sound for the all-ages audience. Each person, whether 14 or 40 years old, was jumping, swaying and head-banging along with the young petite blonde on stage.

Photo by Sofia Bergmann for WRBB.

Throughout the concert, Creevy was occupied carrying the songs on her guitar which fit her like a glove, but she truly blossomed when her guitar took a break through beautifully eccentric forms of self-expression. As she boogied hard with her bandmates, twirled like a ballerina, wrapped her microphone cord around her face, jumped around and held the audience’s hands, she radiated pure energy.

Despite the diverse crowd, Cherry Glazerr is certainly a grungy millennial rock band at its core. “Trash People” from their second LP Apocalipstick epitomized this, sharing the complexities of being young and unapologetically irresponsible. “My room smells like an ashtray/ wearing a smile and a heart on my sleeve!” she yelled along with every girl in the audience—perhaps because they related or at least wanted to.

“Teenage Girl,” a more ethereal song, provided a break for the energetic rock star but nonetheless maintained her raw lyrics. She spoke on the insecurities, uncertainties yet simultaneous fun spontaneities of the modern teenage girl experience: “Milkshakes and cat eyes / Internalize so much but so little / Don’t make us feel belittled world.” The song closed with the statement “Rob Kardashian’s a tool!”—another testament to her timely, modern lyric.

As Cherry Glazerr made their way off the stage, the crowd’s encore chants quickly pulled them back out. They ‘rocked the house down,’ as some would say, closing their concert with “Told You I’d Be With the Guys.” Introduced by a guitar solo, Cleevy delivered her catchiest chorus yet. If anyone had not already been dancing along throughout Cherry Glazerr’s infectious party-like concert, the encore performance certainly made it impossible not to join in.

Photos by Sofia Bergmann

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