Gov Ball Day 2: And that’s a wrap

by Jason Crouse

Gov Ball Day 2: And that’s a wrap

WRBB x Governors Ball 2019

Day 2 – Full lineup here

Hello from Randall’s Island! We’re excited to bring you daily recaps from this year’s Governors Ball. Staff writer Jason Crouse is on the ground taking some awesome photos of everything going on. Here are his thoughts on day 2.

Day Two of Gov Ball was heaven compared to the sweatfest that was day one. The clouds were out just enough to be cool without being gloomy, the rain in the forecast disappeared and we stayed dry, and the media tent finally had a reliable supply of free water. In fact, they even provided us with a literal ton of free kombucha and I drank three to reassure myself that I was taking care of my body throughout the strenuous task of covering of the fest.

My day started with Saba, who I last saw at a capped afterHours show at WRBB’s Block Party 2018. A festival was way less intimate than the tiny campus Starbucks but the crowd was so massive and so hype (made up of 98% frat bros frat bro-ing) that it was a truly wild experience. I moved on to miss Kacey Musgraves after Saba, and with Kacey it was apparent that the day was June 1st and Pride Month™ had begun. The crowd was very gay and very emotional and we all screamed yeehaw anthems like “Butterfly” and “Rainbow” together and felt united, and immediately following that empowering moment we migrated as one large pack to see gay icon King Princess. The whole set was sort of a blur because I was just on cloud nine I thought the peak was when KP paused to say, “you all want that big pussy song?” and proceeded to play “Pussy Is God” and everyone just melted, but then when she ended with “Talia” every one of us suddenly embodied a small gay 20 year old girl drunk at a party singing about love and life and I felt….warm.

I took a break to sit in the media tent for an hour and recover from those sets, but ventured back out to get some mozz sticks (shout out to Big Mozz) and head on over to catch the tail end of The 1975’s set. I wasn’t impressed, but then again I have never really enjoyed The 1975 and would love to never have to look at Matty Healy again in my life. I killed time until Florence’s set after debating whether I should stay or not; leaving was a stupid thing to even consider doing. I kept inching closer and closer during her set and could feel myself literally ascending to heaven. In the middle of her set, Florence settled the crowd down and spoke about the state of the US right now, imploring those listening that “if you’re thinking about buying a T-shirt, I would ask that you donate that money to the ACLU.” I was shocked that Gov Ball didn’t cut her set off right on the spot since she basically just threw them a bg ‘fuck you’ but they allowed her to continue anyway. Watching Florence felt like being in the presence of a woodland nymph crossed with a greek goddess and all of us in the crowd felt fully cleansed of all the wrongdoings of our past.

I left after Florence and went home to edit photos and go directly to bed, fully dead.

*WRBB did not attend day 3 due to cancellations and thunder storms.

All Photos by Jason Crouse

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