Meet the Friendsgiving Show Lineup: Horse Jumper of Love

by Julia Sullivan

Meet the Friendsgiving Show Lineup: Horse Jumper of Love

WRBB’s Friendsgiving brings local slowcore favorites Horse Jumper of Love to Afterhours on Monday, November 22! Get to know the band before the show, and we’ll see you there.

Horse Jumper of Love has risen through the ranks of the Boston house show scene over the years to become the heart of slowcore rock. They’re described as “syrupy” by NPR and Pitchfork, and their swaying hooks have the power to draw listeners into a lull. The group strives to create unique and sensual imagery with their lyrics, paired with staggered and distorted production that gives a backdrop to their stories.

Their groundbreaking self-titled album emphasized a stripped-down intensity, and bridged the gap between a hypnotic warmth and deep melancholy. Their most recent album, So Divine, merges their angsty style with growth and a clearer sound. An almost bluesy twang peeks through, while the lyrics still prove to be stranger than ever. Abstract ideas meet raw emotions on nearly every track, drawing the listener into the band’s strange world.

Horse Jumper of Love will have you hypnotized in a low-fi haze, each track leaving you with a beautiful slow burn that can’t be found anywhere else.

Meet the Friendsgiving Show Lineup: Horse Jumper of Love

From left to right: Dmitri Giannopoulos, John Margaris, and Jamie Vadala-Doran of Horse Jumper of Love.

Catch Horse Jumper of Love at Afterhours, located in Curry Student Center, on Monday, November 22! (Doors at 6:30 p.m., show at 7 p.m., NU only).