Becoming a Member

Welcome & thanks for your interest in becoming a part of WRBB!

Our first General Meeting of the Fall 2020 semester will be Monday, September 14th on Zoom from 6-7PM! Click here for the link to join. At the meeting, we’ll be going over all of the ways to get involved at WRBB 104.9FM, doing some staff introductions, and answering any burning questions you might have. If you can’t make it to the meeting, please check out our Contact Us page to see all of our lead staff. Hope to see you there!

Becoming an On-Air DJ

To become a DJ on WRBB, you will need to fill out the Show Request Form by Friday, September 18th at 11:59PM.

If you have any other questions about becoming a DJ and having your own show, contact our Program Director, Maya Mudgal.

Joining the Media Team

If you are interested in joining our Media Team as a contributor or copy editor, contact our Music Director, Paige Stern.

First, you’ll need to check out our web page! There, you’ll see the guide that you have to read through. Our first Media Team Meeting will be TBD! You will also need to send a clearance article to the Music Director and Music Assistant.

Joining the Podcast Team

If you are interested in joining our Podcast team, please reach out to our Podcast Director, Susanna Maize with any questions!

Have Work-Study?

WRBB hires a team of Federal Work-Study employees every semester to do various jobs at the station. If you have work-study funding, you can check out our job listings on the Northeastern Student Employment Portal, or contact our Operations Director, Ryan Kelso.

Other Interests?

If you are interested in joining our team in any other capacity, check out our Contact Us page to see all of our leadership staff. We always welcome new members, so don’t be shy! We want to help you get involved in whatever aspect of our station that most interests you.

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