9PM in Japan - Apr 10, 2023

Tune in weekly to 9 PM in Japan to hear how the grooviest grooves groove. DJ Liloh and DJ Useacoaster will explore production methods of our favorite songs over the air and give away allllll of Daft Punk's secrets.

isnt she lovely

Victor Wooten

'Till I Met Thee (Radio Edit)

Cody Chesnutt

'Till I Met Thee (Radio Edit) by Cody Chesnutt

paganini in jazz style

florian cristea

shanye cohn on piano

tuba skinny

claire de lune

Ann Annie

you caught me smilin


Benz Towardz The Sunz

Steven P. Oira

Benz Towardz The Sunz by Steven P. Oira

all flowers in time

jeff buckley / elizabeth fraser

Love Song of The Year

Peppermint Noise Pollution

Love Song of The Year by Peppermint Noise Pollution

Senti come viene a noi


Senti come viene a noi by GreenChicco


Pete Drake

Forever by Pete Drake

1 am Freestyle (Fugett)

YBG Reezy

1 am Freestyle (Fugett) by YBG Reezy