A Weekly Katastrophe - Mar 14, 2024

A Weekly Katastrophe with your host Kat Glenn is exactly what it sounds like - a chaos party of music. Consider it your Spotify Weekly Discovery if it didn't care about your taste in music and wasn't run by a calculated algorithm, just a 20 year old girl. Where else can you find a completely curated playlist with no curation at all? Tune in on Thursdays at 12 p.m. to discover songs to get you through a sometimes catastrophic college journey.


Ariana Grande

supernatural by Ariana Grande


Wasia Project

impossible by Wasia Project

Sea Sick


Sea Sick by binki

Waiting on You

Omar Apollo

Waiting on You by Omar Apollo

Tomorrow's Dust

Tame Impala

Tomorrow's Dust by Tame Impala

Ragged Wood

Fleet Foxes

Ragged Wood by Fleet Foxes

Crop Circles

Odie Leigh

Crop Circles by Odie Leigh


Greyson Chance

lakeshore by Greyson Chance

You're Not The Only One I Know

The Sundays

You're Not The Only One I Know by The Sundays