Alphabet Soup - Oct 30, 2023

Alphabet Soup is an hour-long program with just one letter ladled out each week. Playing a mix of indie folk, rock, and pop this show will show you the power behind a single letter. Listen in and you'll be hungry for more.

Alphabet Soup cover

Cool Dry Place

Katy Kirby

Cool Dry Place by Katy Kirby

Cool Water

Marty Robbins



Clairvoyant by Friendship

Clara Clairvoyant


Clara Clairvoyant by Donovan


Big Thief

Changes - 2015 Remastered Version

David Bowie

Crow Song

Haley Heynderickx

Crow Song by Haley Heynderickx

Clay Pigeons

Michael Cera

Clay Pigeons by Michael Cera

Colorado Girl

Townes Van Zandt

California Shake

Margo Guryan

Can I Sleep in Your Brain

Ezra Furman

Can I Sleep in Your Brain by Ezra Furman

Can You Get To That


Can You Get To That by Funkadelic

circle the drain

Soccer Mommy

circle the drain by Soccer Mommy

Relight My Fire - Single Version

Dan Hartman

Relight My Fire - Single Version by Dan Hartman