Alphabet Soup - Nov 13, 2023

Alphabet Soup is an hour-long program with just one letter ladled out each week. Playing a mix of indie folk, rock, and pop this show will show you the power behind a single letter. Listen in and you'll be hungry for more.

Alphabet Soup cover


Slaughter Beach, Dog

Engine by Slaughter Beach, Dog

English Garden

Great Grandpa

English Garden by Great Grandpa


Novo Amor

Emigrate by Novo Amor

Easy Enough


Easy Enough by Pinegrove

Evil Woman

Electric Light Orchestra

Evil Woman by Electric Light Orchestra

Edge of Seventeen

Stevie Nicks

Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks

Eulogy for You and Me

Tanya Davis

Eulogy for You and Me by Tanya Davis



Evergreen by Yebba

Eyes of Them All

Andy Shauf

Eyes of Them All by Andy Shauf