Alphabet Soup - Nov 20, 2023

Alphabet Soup is an hour-long program with just one letter ladled out each week. Playing a mix of indie folk, rock, and pop this show will show you the power behind a single letter. Listen in and you'll be hungry for more.

Alphabet Soup cover

Skinny Love

Bon Iver

Skinny Love by Bon Iver

forwards beckon rebound

Adrianne Lenker

Friday I'm In Love

The Cure

Friday I'm In Love by The Cure


Katy Kirby

Fireman by Katy Kirby

Friend That Helps


Friend That Helps by Twain

Forgotten Eyes

Big Thief

Forgotten Eyes by Big Thief



Funny by Searows

Fish Fry

Slaughter Beach, Dog

Fish Fry by Slaughter Beach, Dog

face ii


face ii by Sadurn

From The Morning

Nick Drake

From The Morning by Nick Drake

Fire In The Hole

Steely Dan

Fire In The Hole by Steely Dan

Fish and Whistle

John Prine

Fish and Whistle by John Prine



Feathers by Florist

Funky Tumbao


Funky Tumbao by Setenta