Alphabet Soup - Apr 8, 2024

Grab a bowl! Alphabet Soup is serving up a steaming hot bowl of songs that all start with the same letter. Get a head full of H songs or a mouthful of Ms and some poems and fun facts too!

Alphabet Soup cover



Rings by Pinegrove

Reason to Believe

Karen Dalton

Reason to Believe by Karen Dalton

Redemption Arc

Katy Kirby

Redemption Arc by Katy Kirby

Right by You

Karima Walker

Right by You by Karima Walker

Real Love - 2023 Remaster

Big Thief

Rylee & I


Run, On the Run

Norma Tanega

Run, On the Run by Norma Tanega

Ready to Run

Dixie Chicks

Ready to Run by Dixie Chicks

Right Back to It


Right Back to It by Waxahatchee

Rich Girl

Daryl Hall & John Oates

Rich Girl by Daryl Hall & John Oates

Red Moon

Big Thief

Reelin' In The Years

Steely Dan

Reelin' In The Years by Steely Dan


Fleetwood Mac

Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac


Adrianne Lenker

Angels by Adrianne Lenker