An Introduction to Classical Music - Apr 21, 2024

Each week in "An Introduction to Classical Music" DJ Owen dissects a couple great pieces of classical music, diving deep into the history and theory behind pieces. By understanding what composers were feeling or what was happening in the world while they were writing pieces, we gain a better understanding and appreciation for the classical music.

An Introduction to Classical Music cover

Take It Easy My Brother Charles

Jorge Ben Jor

Take It Easy My Brother Charles by Jorge Ben Jor

The Weight - 2000 - Remaster

The Band

The Weight - 2000 - Remaster by The Band

Twin Snakes


Twin Snakes by Winkler



Humming by Turnover

Lost Weekend

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

Lost Weekend by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

Swingin Party (Remastered Album Version)

The Replacements

Swingin Party (Remastered Album Version) by The Replacements


Jorge Drexler

Salvapantallas by Jorge Drexler

Décollage (feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani)

Thievery Corporation

Décollage (feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani) by Thievery Corporation

Walkin' Back to Georgia

Jim Croce

Walkin' Back to Georgia by Jim Croce


Arata Inoue

raindrops by Arata Inoue

Student Housing

Truth Club

Student Housing by Truth Club

Detox Island

Diva Sweetly

Detox Island by Diva Sweetly

Enchanted Mirror

Luiz Bonfá

Enchanted Mirror by Luiz Bonfá

Chan Chan

Buena Vista Social Club

Chan Chan by Buena Vista Social Club

Kun Fè Ko

Oumou Sangare

Kun Fè Ko by Oumou Sangare

Check the Rhime

A Tribe Called Quest

Check the Rhime by A Tribe Called Quest