Backseat DJ - Oct 20, 2023

Backseat DJ with Aiden is here for the first time, only on WRBB. Showcasing a variety of special Northeastern guests, who all bring their own variety of music. Listen in every week for a new episode that is guaranteed to bring someone and something unique every time!

Backseat DJ cover

Hot For Teacher - 2015 Remastered Version

Van Halen



Cat by C418

You Make Loving Fun

Fleetwood Mac

You Make Loving Fun by Fleetwood Mac

My Last Words - 2004 - Remastered


My Last Words - 2004 - Remastered by Megadeth

B Side

San Cisco

B Side by San Cisco

Meet Me in the Bathroom

The Strokes

Meet Me in the Bathroom by The Strokes

Just a Boy

The Backseat Lovers

Just a Boy by The Backseat Lovers

Stargirl Interlude

The Weeknd

Stargirl Interlude by The Weeknd


Pink Floyd

Time by Pink Floyd