Backseat DJ - Dec 1, 2023

Backseat DJ with Aiden is here for the first time, only on WRBB. Showcasing a variety of special Northeastern guests, who all bring their own variety of music. Listen in every week for a new episode that is guaranteed to bring someone and something unique every time!

Backseat DJ cover

Little Bit

Lykke Li

Little Bit by Lykke Li


Elton John

Daniel by Elton John

This Night Has Opened My Eyes - 2011 Remaster

The Smiths

The Morning - Album Version (Edited)

The Weeknd

The Morning - Album Version (Edited) by The Weeknd

C U Girl

Steve Lacy

C U Girl by Steve Lacy

All Apologies


All Apologies by Nirvana

Femme Fatale

The Velvet Underground

Femme Fatale by The Velvet Underground