Bed Check - Oct 30, 2023

Playing the songs you love and the songs you should love, Bed Check has been putting you to sleep for two semesters. Join us every Sunday to fall asleep to the best of the best.

Nothing From Nothing

Billy Preston

Nothing From Nothing by Billy Preston


Mannequin Pussy

Romantic by Mannequin Pussy


Big Thief

Night Shift

Lucy Dacus

Night Shift by Lucy Dacus

Harvest Moon

Sunflower Bean

Harvest Moon by Sunflower Bean

Velvet Ring

Big Thief

Velvet Ring by Big Thief

My Love Mine All Mine


My Love Mine All Mine by Mitski

Star Of Bethlehem

Neil Young

Star Of Bethlehem by Neil Young

Blood Red Sentimental Blues

Cotton Jones

Blood Red Sentimental Blues by Cotton Jones

Heaven on the Beach with You

Robert Lester Folsom

Heaven on the Beach with You by Robert Lester Folsom

Early Blue

F. J. McMahon

Early Blue by F. J. McMahon


Maggie Rogers

Shatter by Maggie Rogers

Always Forever


Always Forever by Cults

Sleep To Dream

Fiona Apple

Sleep To Dream by Fiona Apple

January Wedding

The Avett Brothers

January Wedding by The Avett Brothers

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Elton John

Don't Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John