botched mix - Mar 15, 2024

Botched Mix has been on air for one whole semester now, playing a crazy, silly, delicious mix of indie, dance, psychedelic, korean/ japanese/ chinese pop, alternative, jazz, soul, r and b, grunge, nu metal and more !!!! If you’re looking to expand your music taste, DJs Mel B and Jam got you covered! We play tracks for all of the unhinged incel baddies of the world. Tune in every Friday to hear an eclectic, dare i say botched ??? mix of funky little tunes!

botched mix cover

Nothing Like

Mannequin Pussy

Nothing Like by Mannequin Pussy

Lightness is Loud


Lightness is Loud by Babehoven

India Rubber


India Rubber by Radiohead

Kinky Love

Pale Saints

Kinky Love by Pale Saints

Water's Edge


Water's Edge by Tsunami

Happy Meal II

The Cardigans

Happy Meal II by The Cardigans

When You're Gone

The Cranberries

When You're Gone by The Cranberries

Bluff - yeule & Kin Leonn Remix

yunè pinku

Bluff - yeule & Kin Leonn Remix by yunè pinku

No Aloha

The Breeders

No Aloha by The Breeders

The Ghost Of You

My Chemical Romance

The Ghost Of You by My Chemical Romance

I Have The Moon


I Have The Moon by Lush

Fell in Love (At the Water)

Candy Claws

Fell in Love (At the Water) by Candy Claws

San Francisco

I Hate Sex

San Francisco by I Hate Sex

Zoal, Face Dancer (Nightcore Mix)


Zoal, Face Dancer (Nightcore Mix) by Grimes

Exhaustion and the Open Mind

Salami Rose Joe Louis

Exhaustion and the Open Mind by Salami Rose Joe Louis


Ethel Cain

Thoroughfare by Ethel Cain

The Itchy Glowbo Blow

Cocteau Twins

The Itchy Glowbo Blow by Cocteau Twins

The Lovecats

The Cure

The Lovecats by The Cure