botched mix - Mar 29, 2024

Botched Mix has been on air for one whole semester now, playing a crazy, silly, delicious mix of indie, dance, psychedelic, korean/ japanese/ chinese pop, alternative, jazz, soul, r and b, grunge, nu metal and more !!!! If you’re looking to expand your music taste, DJs Mel B and Jam got you covered! We play tracks for all of the unhinged incel baddies of the world. Tune in every Friday to hear an eclectic, dare i say botched ??? mix of funky little tunes!

botched mix cover

Titanic Risen

Weyes Blood

Titanic Risen by Weyes Blood

Blue Sea, Red Sea

Billie Marten

Blue Sea, Red Sea by Billie Marten

High Tide


High Tide by Eartheater


Pale Saints

Porpoise by Pale Saints

The Ocean

Led Zeppelin

White Seal (Shell & Spine)

Candy Claws

White Seal (Shell & Spine) by Candy Claws

Great White Shark

Big Thief

Great White Shark by Big Thief


Azealia Banks

Fantasea by Azealia Banks


King Krule

O' Sailor

Fiona Apple

O' Sailor by Fiona Apple

Sail To The Moon


Sail To The Moon by Radiohead


wave to earth

surf. by wave to earth

Sea, Swallow Me

Cocteau Twins

Sea, Swallow Me by Cocteau Twins



Impaciência by Cigana