Box of Chocolates - Apr 24, 2023

Looking for an assorted variety of tunes? Soothe your sweet tooth and tune into Box of Chocolates each week in WRBB 104.9FM!

Box of Chocolates cover


Hot Flash Heat Wave

Hesitation by Hot Flash Heat Wave

Chinese Translation

M. Ward

Chinese Translation by M. Ward

Everything Counts

Depeche Mode

Everything Counts by Depeche Mode

Pork Belly

Bastien Keb

Pork Belly by Bastien Keb

Mulher Homem Bicho

Ana Frango Elétrico

Mulher Homem Bicho by Ana Frango Elétrico



Impaciência by Cigana

Kun Fè Ko

Oumou Sangare

Kun Fè Ko by Oumou Sangare

Your Smiling Face

James Taylor

Your Smiling Face by James Taylor

Tapestry from an Asteroid

Sun Ra

Tapestry from an Asteroid by Sun Ra

I'd Rather Be the Moon


I'd Rather Be the Moon by Papooz