Bug Juice - Nov 24, 2023

Bug Juice returns for Season 6 on WRBB! Tune in as we dive into the music behind our memories and share the stories behind the nostalgia it evokes. With a new guest and theme every week, no two episodes are the same! Catch us on the waves every Friday at 5pm.

Bug Juice cover


La Garfield

Love by La Garfield

Date With The Rain

Eddie Kendricks

Date With The Rain by Eddie Kendricks

When You Lose Someone

The Dip

When You Lose Someone by The Dip

Big Night


Big Night by Siddha-Funk

Young Buck


Young Buck by CARRTOONS


Mola Mola

Lava by Mola Mola

Funky Tumbao


Funky Tumbao by Setenta

It Had To Be You (Big Band and Vocals)

Harry Connick, Jr.

It Had To Be You (Big Band and Vocals) by Harry Connick, Jr.


Kaelin Ellis

CATS GROOVE by Kaelin Ellis

Happy Days

Cory Henry

Happy Days by Cory Henry


Evelyn "Champagne" King

Shame by Evelyn "Champagne" King

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free

Nina Simone

Váyanse Todos A Mamá


Váyanse Todos A Mamá by Rawayana

Until You Come Back To Me

Hil St. Soul

Until You Come Back To Me by Hil St. Soul

Last Dance - 12" Version

Donna Summer

Last Dance - 12" Version by Donna Summer