Bug Juice - Jan 30, 2024

Bug Juice returns for its FINAL SEASON, season 8, on WRBB! Tune in as we dive into the music behind our memories and share the stories behind the nostalgia it evokes. With a new guest and theme every week, no two episodes are the same! Catch us on the waves every 7pm Mondays!

Bug Juice cover

Hazardous Environments


Hazardous Environments by Valve

Wet Hands


Wet Hands by C418

Better the Mask

Japanese Breakfast

Better the Mask by Japanese Breakfast

Going Up The Country

Canned Heat

Going Up The Country by Canned Heat

Floral Fury (From "Cuphead")

Man on the Internet

Floral Fury (From "Cuphead") by Man on the Internet

Portal muszika


Sikka Takin' the Hard Way

New Beat Fund

Sikka Takin' the Hard Way by New Beat Fund



Unshaken by D'Angelo

Credits Closing Theme


Credits Closing Theme by Valve