Bug Juice - Apr 8, 2024

Bug Juice returns for its FINAL SEASON, season 8, on WRBB! Tune in as we dive into the music behind our memories and share the stories behind the nostalgia it evokes. With a new guest and theme every week, no two episodes are the same! Catch us on the waves every 7pm Mondays!

Bug Juice cover

A word becomes a sound

Kate Bollinger

A word becomes a sound by Kate Bollinger


Mei Semones

Kabutomushi by Mei Semones

80 Summers

John Roseboro

80 Summers by John Roseboro

Joe by the Book

Buck Meek

Joe by the Book by Buck Meek

Practice Twice

Sam Prekop

Practice Twice by Sam Prekop

the Dream Team

Fievel Is Glauque

the Dream Team by Fievel Is Glauque

The World It Softly Lulls

Hiatus Kaiyote

The World It Softly Lulls by Hiatus Kaiyote


circling girl

Dragonfly by circling girl

Thinking About You

Faye Webster

Thinking About You by Faye Webster

Death with Dignity

Sufjan Stevens

Death with Dignity by Sufjan Stevens

Spaceway 70

Bruno Pernadas

Spaceway 70 by Bruno Pernadas

Only When I

Alice Phoebe Lou

Only When I by Alice Phoebe Lou

Belinda Says


Belinda Says by Alvvays