Business Casual - Dec 5, 2023

Have you ever finished watching a movie and wanted to keep its vibe alive? Join us for SEASON TWO of Business Casual where DJs Marky Mark and Melon join forces once more, this time talking cinema! Each week we'll be watching a new movie and building a perfectly-paired playlist. Tune in to fix your Spotify Wrapped and diversify your Letterboxd accounts.

Business Casual cover


Dominic Fike

Babydoll by Dominic Fike

Everyone’s A Guru Now

Saint Motel

Everyone’s A Guru Now by Saint Motel

Burning Hour

Jadu Heart

Burning Hour by Jadu Heart


Omar Apollo

Archetype by Omar Apollo

O Superman

Laurie Anderson



Kids by MGMT

The Girl From Ipanema

Stan Getz

The Girl From Ipanema by Stan Getz

Cocaine Jesus

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Cocaine Jesus by Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Flaws And All


Flaws And All by Beyoncé

Little Saint Nick

The Beach Boys

Little Saint Nick by The Beach Boys