Certain Sensibilities - Nov 19, 2023

Certain Sensibilities is cowboys and cowgirls, red ribbons and soup spoons. May the amateurs and makers of maybe-somethings, alike, tune in on _____ at _____ to listen, learn, and even object to analyses of art, film, literature, and love.

Crash - Live 1985 Demo

The Primitives

Crash - Live 1985 Demo by The Primitives

Yellow Light

Circus Mort

Yellow Light by Circus Mort

(She's in A) Bad Mood

Sonic Youth

(She's in A) Bad Mood by Sonic Youth

Black Sun Rising

Death In June & Boyd Rice

Black Sun Rising by Death In June & Boyd Rice

Twisted & Shouts

39 Clocks

Twisted & Shouts by 39 Clocks

Make Me Strong

Aaron Neville

The Diary of Jane

Breaking Benjamin

The Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin