Clocked - Jun 2, 2023

We're clocking out of work and clocking into the music! Unwind with your DJ Fantastic, DJ Du and The Electrician and listen to a diverse set of tunes that will have you losing track of time.

Oh What a Night - Episode 52

The Dells

Oh What a Night - Episode 52 by The Dells

Kilby Girl

The Backseat Lovers

Kilby Girl by The Backseat Lovers

Spread Thin

Mariah the Scientist

Spread Thin by Mariah the Scientist

I Just Cant Get Enough


Little Wing

Jimi Hendrix

Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix

99 OVR

Dre Del Rey

99 OVR by Dre Del Rey

New Malcolm X

Sy Ari Da Kid

New Malcolm X by Sy Ari Da Kid



Godspeed by Shayhan

What You Wanna Try


What You Wanna Try by Masego


Fana Hues

float by Fana Hues

90 Proof (feat. J. Cole)


90 Proof (feat. J. Cole) by Smino


Daniel Caesar

Valentina by Daniel Caesar


Ellie Williams

Clueless by Ellie Williams

Pay for That Money

The Defibulators

Pay for That Money by The Defibulators