Clown Rodeo - Oct 23, 2023

Clown Rodeo is a sonic rodeo that will take your ears on a wild journey through all new insane and obscure sounds every week. Listen in to discover your new favorite artists and hear funky new songs that will scratch the itch inside your ears.

I Been Young

George Clanton

I Been Young by George Clanton

I Miss You

Rex Begonia

I Miss You by Rex Begonia

Bizarre Love Triangle

New Order

Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order

Hideous Towns

The Sundays

Hideous Towns by The Sundays


Sweet Trip

Dsco by Sweet Trip

u all the time


u all the time by Tirzah



Limbo by ivri

Remember Me


Remember Me by Trinikas

€ € € €^^%%!!!!!heaven!!!!!!

Lala Lala & Baths

€ € € €^^%%!!!!!heaven!!!!!! by Lala Lala & Baths

Let Me In Your Life

Asha Puthli

Let Me In Your Life by Asha Puthli

1471 (feat. Tirzah)


1471 (feat. Tirzah) by Babyfather

Small Room (feat. Astroboy)


Small Room (feat. Astroboy) by Chenayder

The Flower Called Nowhere


The Flower Called Nowhere by Stereolab


Saint Etienne

Spring by Saint Etienne

Album Name

Adolf Nomura

Album Name by Adolf Nomura

hey big eyes (George Clanton remix)

Caroline Polachek

The Prince of Noodles

Frank Dukes

The Prince of Noodles by Frank Dukes