Couch Change - Feb 20, 2024

Looking for music? Well, have you checked the couch? Couch Change is a savings fund for all things music. Stock up on all the music you’ve let slip through the cracks. You never know what you might find in between couch cushions. Maybe it’s something you haven’t heard in a long time or something that you’ve been searching for. Couch Change will explore the unknown and rediscover what’s been forgotten! Sometimes in between the cushions are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Listen to Couch Change every Tuesday, it just makes cents :)

Viking Hair

Dry Cleaning

Viking Hair by Dry Cleaning

Go To School Punk Dog

Happy Doghouse

Go To School Punk Dog by Happy Doghouse


bar italia

Skylinny by bar italia

Dream Song

Lala Lala

Dream Song by Lala Lala

Jesus was Way cool

King Missile

Jesus was Way cool by King Missile

Little Acorns

The White Stripes

Little Acorns by The White Stripes



Gmaps by Cowboyy


The Frights

Uncoiled by The Frights

Like A Lady

Pom Poko

Like A Lady by Pom Poko



lochness by julie

Nameless, Faceless

Courtney Barnett

Nameless, Faceless by Courtney Barnett

Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine

The White Stripes

Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine by The White Stripes


Christian Death

Cavity by Christian Death


The Books

Tokyo by The Books

Natural Disasters


Natural Disasters by Enon

Me & Magdalena

The Monkees

Me & Magdalena by The Monkees

Cool Cats Cool Kids

Liam Harris