Deejaying - Mar 26, 2024

Deejaying takes on its 5th season, with even more great music, great stories, and great guests! Listen in to deej’s audio diary and get a little snippet of her life through some of her forever favorite songs and new finds.

Deejaying cover

Cannock Chase

Labi Siffre

Cannock Chase by Labi Siffre


CHANCE デラソウル

Summer by CHANCE デラソウル

Hermit Crab

disco witch

Hermit Crab by disco witch

ナイトクルージング - Live


ナイトクルージング - Live by Fishmans

Is it Really So Strange? - John Peel session, 12/2/86

The Smiths

Keep Those Teardrops from Falling

Natalie Bergman

Keep Those Teardrops from Falling by Natalie Bergman

Little Green

Joni Mitchell

Little Green by Joni Mitchell



Earthquake by Deerhunter

Pictures of Me

Elliott Smith

Pictures of Me by Elliott Smith

Wanna Quit All the Time

Faye Webster

Wanna Quit All the Time by Faye Webster

Everything Goes My Way


Everything Goes My Way by Metronomy

Girl Boy

Blonde Redhead

Girl Boy by Blonde Redhead



Strokes by Ovlov