DIAMONDS - Feb 15, 2024

DIAMONDS with DJ Ahaan is proud to present its fourth semester running. We showcase the most under-appreciated, under-rated, and overlooked artists in the realm of Hip-Hop and R&B. With lyrical analysis, interviews with the artists, and, of course, the music, tune in every Wednesday @ 12 AM as we find some DIAMONDS!


Hot Flash Heat Wave

Hesitation by Hot Flash Heat Wave

Le Chant Des Fauves


Le Chant Des Fauves by Tinariwen

High And Dry


High And Dry by Radiohead


Nick Hakim

JP by Nick Hakim

Allah Uya

Ali Farka Touré

Allah Uya by Ali Farka Touré

Enchanted Mirror

Luiz Bonfá

Enchanted Mirror by Luiz Bonfá

Queen Bee

Taj Mahal

Queen Bee by Taj Mahal

Chan Chan

Buena Vista Social Club

Chan Chan by Buena Vista Social Club



glassheart by speakerhug

Back On The Chain Gang - 2007 Remastered Version


Back On The Chain Gang - 2007 Remastered Version by Pretenders


Dave Matthews Band

#41 by Dave Matthews Band

These Chains

Mid-Air Thief

These Chains by Mid-Air Thief

Trick of the Light

Jake Stone

Trick of the Light by Jake Stone