Dil Se Dawn Tak Show - Feb 5, 2023

Bringing out the freshest Indie melodies from India. It is to break the barriers of languages where music is one true language. This show will bring in backstories from India, Culture References and lot of stories about interesting stories of the "Uni Life"

Dil Se Dawn Tak Show cover


Studio Killers

Jenny by Studio Killers

The Tracks Of My Tears

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles


Meg & Dia

Monster by Meg & Dia

Rock And Roll

The Velvet Underground

Rock And Roll by The Velvet Underground

I'll Be with You

Bernie Worrell

I'll Be with You by Bernie Worrell

Knock Knock feat. MF Doom


Knock Knock feat. MF Doom by MED/Blu/Madlib

Some Time Alone, Alone

Melody's Echo Chamber

Some Time Alone, Alone by Melody's Echo Chamber

Way To Go

Empire Of The Sun

Way To Go by Empire Of The Sun


Boy Called Cute

Lobster by Boy Called Cute

Lysergic Bliss

of Montreal

Lysergic Bliss by of Montreal



Porcelain by Moby

Snow Lunch

Abstract Posters


Childish Gambino

19.10 by Childish Gambino

My Favorite Mutiny

The Coup

My Favorite Mutiny by The Coup

The Everlasting Muse

Belle and Sebastian

The Everlasting Muse by Belle and Sebastian

Pop Divas Mixup and Blend

DJ Collins



Tongues by Joywave