Either/Or - Jul 25, 2022

for philosophers, artists, lovers, daydreamers, shoe gazers, the beautiful and the damned. unearthing the ambiguity of existence. hosted weekly by madame psychosis (vic) enjoy <3


Steve Lacy

Your Cat

Slaughter Beach, Dog

Your Cat by Slaughter Beach, Dog

Archie, Marry Me


Archie, Marry Me by Alvvays

Get Disowned

Hop Along

Get Disowned by Hop Along

All Your Yeahs

Beach House

All Your Yeahs by Beach House

Someone Great

LCD Soundsystem

Someone Great by LCD Soundsystem

One Thing

Beach House

One Thing by Beach House

The Purple Bottle

Animal Collective

The Purple Bottle by Animal Collective



Seneca by Tortoise

As Long As There's Love Around


As Long As There's Love Around by Farben