E.T.'s Golden Record - Oct 18, 2023

An alien just crash-landed into our studio! Help us explain life on Earth to our new friend ⟒⏃☍⎍⌇⊑⎎☍⎅⌇⟊⊑⋔ with the power of music! Each week we'll use songs to explain Earthly topics like friendship, dreams, and more to our newly Earth-dwelling friend. Join us as we create our own Golden Record and teach our alien pal (and ourselves) what it means to live on Earth!

E.T.'s Golden Record cover


Whatever, Dad

Waffles by Whatever, Dad

Daddy's Car

The Cardigans

Daddy's Car by The Cardigans

All I Need

Small Crush

All I Need by Small Crush



Alright by Supergrass

When I'm With You

Best Coast

When I'm With You by Best Coast

Blue Coupe

Twin Peaks

Blue Coupe by Twin Peaks

Slow Motion

Jane Weaver

Slow Motion by Jane Weaver

It's Real

Real Estate

It's Real by Real Estate

Grizzly Bear

All Girl Summer Fun Band

Grizzly Bear by All Girl Summer Fun Band

Summer in Crimea

Human Tetris

Summer in Crimea by Human Tetris

For Tammy Rae

Bikini Kill

For Tammy Rae by Bikini Kill

Best Supporting Actor

Good Morning

Best Supporting Actor by Good Morning

The One True Path

Kero Kero Bonito

The One True Path by Kero Kero Bonito

Lovely To See You

The Moody Blues

Lovely To See You by The Moody Blues

The Best Way To Travel

The Moody Blues

The Best Way To Travel by The Moody Blues

Come On Let's Go


Come On Let's Go by Broadcast

Modulation Del Sol

Ascending Wave

Modulation Del Sol by Ascending Wave