E.T.'s Golden Record - Nov 8, 2023

An alien just crash-landed into our studio! Help us explain life on Earth to our new friend ⟒⏃☍⎍⌇⊑⎎☍⎅⌇⟊⊑⋔ with the power of music! Each week we'll use songs to explain Earthly topics like friendship, dreams, and more to our newly Earth-dwelling friend. Join us as we create our own Golden Record and teach our alien pal (and ourselves) what it means to live on Earth!

E.T.'s Golden Record cover

It's Oh So Quiet


It's Oh So Quiet by Björk


Saint Etienne

Spring by Saint Etienne


Sarah Vaughan

Misty by Sarah Vaughan

Shut Up Kiss Me

Angel Olsen

Shut Up Kiss Me by Angel Olsen

Signal Dreams - Remastered

Small Crush

Signal Dreams - Remastered by Small Crush


Slaughter Beach, Dog

Acolyte by Slaughter Beach, Dog



Breathe by Budge

Words & Smiles

Tiger Trap

Words & Smiles by Tiger Trap

True Love Waits - Live In Oslo


True Love Waits - Live In Oslo by Radiohead

Surfer Girl


Surfer Girl by Cub

Do You Remember

Radiator Hospital

Do You Remember by Radiator Hospital


Red Theme

Bronwyn by Red Theme

Hey Lover

The Daughters Of Eve

Hey Lover by The Daughters Of Eve

Angel Eyes


Angel Eyes by ABBA

Spaced Out On Your Love

Errol Stubbs

Spaced Out On Your Love by Errol Stubbs



Shaker by Acetone

I Really Really Love You

Fathers Children

I Really Really Love You by Fathers Children