E.T.'s Golden Record - Nov 15, 2023

An alien just crash-landed into our studio! Help us explain life on Earth to our new friend ⟒⏃☍⎍⌇⊑⎎☍⎅⌇⟊⊑⋔ with the power of music! Each week we'll use songs to explain Earthly topics like friendship, dreams, and more to our newly Earth-dwelling friend. Join us as we create our own Golden Record and teach our alien pal (and ourselves) what it means to live on Earth!

E.T.'s Golden Record cover

The Open Road

Kero Kero Bonito

The Open Road by Kero Kero Bonito

Heart of Glass


Heart of Glass by Blondie

Black Sheep


Black Sheep by Metric

The Phone, The Phone


The Phone, The Phone by Plumtree

Wasted Days

Bad Nerves

Wasted Days by Bad Nerves

Myself to Myself

Romeo Void

Myself to Myself by Romeo Void

She's Not There

The Zombies

She's Not There by The Zombies

We Could Be Looking For The Same Thing

Silver Jews

We Could Be Looking For The Same Thing by Silver Jews


Silver Metre

Nightflight by Silver Metre

I Won't Hurt You

Neo Maya

I Won't Hurt You by Neo Maya

Can't Let Go

Lucinda Williams

Can't Let Go by Lucinda Williams

Girls On Film

Duran Duran

Girls On Film by Duran Duran



Parklife by Blur

Cherry Bomb

The Runaways

Cherry Bomb by The Runaways

Run the Road


Run the Road by Santigold

Heavy Metal

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Heavy Metal by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah