Famous Last Words - Dec 5, 2022

If you could let a song speak for you, which would you choose? Come get introspective with Famous Last Words, back on WRBB for its second season.

Famous Last Words cover

CALL ME (Freestyle)

Blood Orange

CALL ME (Freestyle) by Blood Orange

Breathe Deeper

Tame Impala

Breathe Deeper by Tame Impala

Drop the Game


Drop the Game by Flume



Underwater by Porches

Never Gets You Back (feat. Kwesi)

Insomniac Music Group

Never Gets You Back (feat. Kwesi) by Insomniac Music Group

I Don't Love You

My Chemical Romance

I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance


Francis and the Lights

Friends by Francis and the Lights

Yellow Ferrari

The Toxic Avenger

Yellow Ferrari by The Toxic Avenger

Constant Repeat

Charli XCX

On Hold

The xx

On Hold by The xx

The Flag is Raised


The Flag is Raised by Bladee/Ecco2k

Float On

Modest Mouse

Float On by Modest Mouse

Remembering Myself


Remembering Myself by Stephen