flipside - Jun 2, 2023

doesn’t everyone think they have good music taste? well, maybe we do. who knows? that’s for you to decide. we’re just two pals playing tracks from the b-side (…or flipside if you will) of records as well as anything else we’re vibing with, exploring genres and songs we love. tune in for some fun tunes with your hilariously comical (also for you to decide) co-hosts cara & grace. catch ya on the flipside!

flipside cover

Mary Jane

The Copper Children

Mary Jane by The Copper Children

Outside the Lines


Outside the Lines by Birdtalker

Lavender Girl


Lavender Girl by Caamp

The Road

Old Man Canyon

The Road by Old Man Canyon

Rake And Rambling Boy

Joan Baez

The Last of the Honey Bees

Sam Burchfield

The Last of the Honey Bees by Sam Burchfield

Carolina - From The Motion Picture “Where The Crawdads Sing”

Taylor Swift

Carolina - From The Motion Picture “Where The Crawdads Sing” by Taylor Swift


The Paper Kites

Halcyon by The Paper Kites

That Moon Song

Gregory Alan Isakov

That Moon Song by Gregory Alan Isakov

Take Back

Odie Leigh

Take Back by Odie Leigh

Miracle Mile


Miracle Mile by Houndmouth


Noah Kahan

Caves by Noah Kahan