Garrett and Jonah's Awesome Mix - Nov 25, 2022

Garrett. and. Jonah. Awesome. Mix. These 5 words in this order represent the greatest aural variety program on the air within a 1 mile radius of the Northeastern broadcast antenna. We demand that you tune in every Friday for the hottest tunes from the hottest dudes. Keep on rockin' in the free world.

Garrett and Jonah's Awesome Mix cover

Italian Movie Theme


Italian Movie Theme by Pylon

Andrew In Drag

The Magnetic Fields

Punks In The Beerlight

Silver Jews

Punks In The Beerlight by Silver Jews

Inside Your Heart

The Monochrome Set

Inside Your Heart by The Monochrome Set

Adam Wakes Up

Country Teasers

Adam Wakes Up by Country Teasers

That Clown's Got A Gun

Uranium Club

That Clown's Got A Gun by Uranium Club

52 Girls

The B-52's

52 Girls by The B-52's

Scholastic Aptitude


Scholastic Aptitude by Urinals

Tuesday Moon

Neutral Milk Hotel

Tuesday Moon by Neutral Milk Hotel

I'll Be Your Mirror

The Velvet Underground

I'll Be Your Mirror by The Velvet Underground

Velvet Rabbit

Kimya Dawson

Velvet Rabbit by Kimya Dawson

The Ruling Class

Loose Fur

The Ruling Class by Loose Fur

You Knows What to Do

The Detroit Cobras

You Knows What to Do by The Detroit Cobras

In My Tenement

Jackie Shane

Do the Math

The Peechees

Do the Math by The Peechees

Wild Moose Party

The Cosmopolitians

Wild Moose Party by The Cosmopolitians

The The Empty

Le Tigre

The The Empty by Le Tigre

Words and Guitar


Words and Guitar by Sleater-Kinney


The Minds

Hot by The Minds

Digital Watch


Digital Watch by Plastics