Gender Bender - Jul 21, 2023

Gender Bender with DJ Gender-I-Hardly-Know-Her is a brand new show, providing a new starter pack each week for such genders as "The sound of an orchestra tuning" and "Wind softly blowing through a meadow." With discussions of queerness, special guests, and your essential gender starter packs, Gender Bender is dedicated to helping you find your gender euphoria :)

Gender Bender cover

Funk for Food


Funk for Food by Moderator

When You Lose Someone

The Dip

When You Lose Someone by The Dip


Jungle Fire

Atómico by Jungle Fire

Una Vez Más


Una Vez Más by Juanpalitoschinos

Parar el Tiempo


Parar el Tiempo by Cimafunk

J.A.M. (Just A Minute)

Cory Wong

J.A.M. (Just A Minute) by Cory Wong

Lunchtime - Live in London

Cory Wong

Lunchtime - Live in London by Cory Wong


Los Amigos Invisibles

Ultra-Funk by Los Amigos Invisibles

I Wish - Single Edit

Stevie Wonder

I Wish - Single Edit by Stevie Wonder

Georgy Porgy (feat. Cheryl Lynn) - Disco Version


Georgy Porgy (feat. Cheryl Lynn) - Disco Version by TOTO

Váyanse Todos A Mamá


Váyanse Todos A Mamá by Rawayana


Kaelin Ellis

CATS GROOVE by Kaelin Ellis