Gender Bender - Aug 4, 2023

Gender Bender with DJ Gender-I-Hardly-Know-Her is a brand new show, providing a new starter pack each week for such genders as "The sound of an orchestra tuning" and "Wind softly blowing through a meadow." With discussions of queerness, special guests, and your essential gender starter packs, Gender Bender is dedicated to helping you find your gender euphoria :)

Gender Bender cover

Funk for Food


Funk for Food by Moderator

Hugging You (Quietly)


Hugging You (Quietly) by Jazzinuf

Cash Wednesday

Skylar Spence

Cash Wednesday by Skylar Spence

People Everywhere (Still Alive)




Foots by Stuff

Young Buck


Young Buck by CARRTOONS


Mola Mola

Lava by Mola Mola

Workin' Day and Night

Michael Jackson

Workin' Day and Night by Michael Jackson

Let It Whip - Re-Recorded

Dazz Band

I'm in a Funk

Franc Moody

I'm in a Funk by Franc Moody